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    Welcome to Xuzhou Tengyu Down Products&Equipments Co.,Ltd.



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    Xuzhou Tengyu Down Products&Equipments Co.,Ltd.

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    A few things about down and feather
    Time:2020-3-23 18:01:09      Click:951

    1. The origin of down and feather

    As a filler for down products, down feathers are derived from the skin of ducks and geese and are a by-product of the goose and duck food industry.

    2. The ratio of duck down to goose down

    In China's total down production, duck down accounted for about 90%, goose down accounted for 10%. Because of the large number of people in China who like to eat duck meat, the duck's growth cycle is short, generally around 40 days, and can be hatched every day, every day out of the field for slaughter, not affected by the season. And the goose's growth cycle is longer, need 5-6 months of time, can only hatch in the spring once a year, and like to eat geese and few people, therefore, the yield of the duck is much higher than the goose.

    3. The origin and current situation of "live plucking"

    A. Due to the short growth cycle, developed large-scale breeding, large yield and low price of duck down compared with goose down, it is impossible to extract live during duck breeding and slaughtering;

    B. "live plucking" originated in eastern European countries from the ancient custom of assisting geese in the depilation period, and only exists in individual goose populations. Since it was introduced into China in the last century, "live plucking" has not been widely adopted by the vast number of goose farmers due to its violation of animal welfare protection and high production cost. Since 2009, with the attention and supervision of animal protection organizations and the call of the China down industry association to "reject live poultry products", "live plucking" has hardly gained a foothold in China's down industry. No one wants to be in the business of live plucking anymore because of rising labor costs and the increased mortality of geese due to live plucking.

    "Down" features

    Down is natural

    Feather, a byproduct of the poultry industry, contains at least 80 percent protein and is a naturally degradable natural product.

    Down is sustainable

    As people's demand for goose and duck meat is long-term, and down is a comfortable, warm natural thermal materials, down products have a stable market demand, so the production of down and feather will be a continuous development.

    Down has a strong bounce and a high degree of loft

    Chemical fiber, cotton, wool, silk and other linear fiber poor compression resistance, easy to harden, material degradation fast; Down because of its own three-dimensional ball and rich in stagnant air, perennial use is not firm, can keep its function as new for a long time. Generally, the service life of eiderdown quilt is 10-15 years, while the service life of goose down quilt is 20-30 years.

    Down has low flammability

    Down for animal protein, in the temperature of 100 degrees Celsius below will not burn, so down can pass the flammability test; But other materials, especially synthetic ones, need to be treated with fire to pass the same test; In California, duvet fire protection is a no-test item.

    Down has good moisture absorption and dehumidification

    The three-dimensional spherical structure of down determines its large surface area, so it will be quickly distributed after absorbing water, in addition, the down itself contains a certain amount of grease, with good moisture absorption and dehumidification.

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